A Closer Look at Online Abuse Against MP's

MP's have been a target of online abuse and in May 2017, The Malicious Communications (Social Media) Bill could be passed into law. A law that would see social networks like Twitter and Facebook at the risk of hefty fines, if they do not tackle online abuse. Pick an MP below to see what abuse they receive in a day on Twitter.

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This sample analysis looks at 35 MP's across parties and provides a snapshot of the sort of online abuse MP's suffer on a regular basis. Racists, sexist and violent abuse was frequently found in this investigation, with the words: 'Fuck', 'Disgrace', 'Shame' and 'Dumb' found to be the most frequent words of abuse used on Twitter.

Sexist abuse was found most prominently against female MP's. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, was tweeted with the word, ‘woman’, 20 times in one day. In February, Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, told Sky News about the online abuse she suffers: “No one really has a right to peddle this racist and sexist abuse … I think there is probably a case for a parliamentary inquiry, partly to make internet providers do more to close down these people”, she said.

In this project, twitter users were found to tweet Diane Abbott with the word ‘fuck’ 37 times ‘bitch’ 10 times, ‘cunt’ 10 times and 3 racial slurs were found.

Similarly, prominent MP's such as Boris Johnson and Tom Watson, faced physical attacks on Twitter.

Do you think The Malicious Communications (Social Media) Bill should be passed into law?